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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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Shooting permit, filming


Munich, Garching: Frau Gudrun Obst, obst@zv.tum.de
Tel: 089/289-22243, Fax: 089/289-25327
Frau Silva Ferroni, ferroni@zv.tum.de
Tel: 089/289-24702, Fax: 089/289-24744
Weihenstephan: Frau Petra Vogt, vogt@zv.tum.de
Tel: 08161/71-3219, Fax: 08161/71-5249

On principle, anyone wishing to film on the TUM campus has to comply with similar regulations to those that apply to hiring lecture theatres and conference rooms etc.

This involves the payment of an appropriate usage fee. The amount charged will depend on the nature and extent of the filming project.

Please click on the link below to submit your application:

 Application form: Hiring of rooms and buildings



contact: ZA 4 - goetze@zv.tum.de