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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

First Login To The Portal

For your first login enter your 16-digit initial username (MWNID) and the initial password. For students, the initial password is their 'Martikelnummer' (student number). MWNID and 'Matrikelnummer' can both be found on your student card. Employees receive their initial username (MWNID) and initial password by letter. To log in as an employee, your MWNID must be listed by your UnivIS advisor.

After the login you need to confirm that you have read and accept the user agreement. Following that you need to change the username and your password. Please remember that your username doubles as your e-mail address.

For reasons of security, your new password should contain both letters, numbers and symbols (except umlaute – ö, ä, ü). We strongly recommend against using umlaute in your username, password and security question. Especially if you want to access the portal and mail-system from outside of Germany, you may encounter problems with missing keyboard support for umlaute.

In the case you forgot your password, you can choose to answer your security question. This question and its answer is also set on first login. Please choose carefully, as it should be hard to guess the answer. Meanwhile the answer should consist of only one word and be consistent. Questions like 'What is my favorite pub?' would therefore be not recommended, since you might find another favorite pub in a year or two.

Now you need to set your personal settings. This includes entering your personal information, address, settings for your mailbox and privacy settings. These settings can be changed any time under 'personal preferences'.

For further information, see the 'User manual personal preferences'.

Please remember to set your preferred target group in the user preferences. This setting influences the setup of the menus and the information displayed. Some information is visible only to users in the relevant target group.

After you successfully completed your first login, you need to use your new username and password for further logins. Employees with both a username under tum.de and mytum.de can use both usernames to log in.

With your myTUM-username you can not only login to the portal, but can also use a number of other IT based services (VPN, eLearning, Access to CIP Pools etc.). To avoid theft of your login (phishing), you should login to those services that are certified.

One last important point:
When you leave the portal, please remember to log out or close your browser. Otherwise anybody with access to your computer can access your account (for example to change your password or read your mail).

Follow this link to your first login

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