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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

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Your Mailbox With Lifelong Forwarding

The TU München provides an e-mail account in the mytum.de domain with lifelong forwarding for all students and employees. Even when you leave the TU, you keep the e-mail address as a forwarding address.

Your e-mail address is your username at the mytum portal. If you have more than one username (for example as an employee of the TU), you can be contacted over both addresses/usernames.

Students and employees can access their mailbox over the webmail on the mytum portal or with common mail clients (Netscape, Outlook, etc. ) by IMAP or POP protocol. The exact settings for your mailclient can be found here. You can also use this address as a forwarding address to other e-mail accounts.

Your mailbox is limited to 250 MB as a student an to 1GB as an employee. Therefore you should keep inbox clean by regularly deleting read mail or downloading it to your computer.

When you leave the TU as a student or employee, you keep your mytum.de address for a lifetime. You can continue to receive e-mails, but after three months your mailbox will be closed and its content deleted. Therefore you need to forward incoming e-mails to your current e-mail address in order to read them. You can change the forwarding settings comfortably over the mytum portal.

To avoid abuse of your e-mail address by spam or other threads, you should handle it carefully by not publishing it on the internet or passing it on to strangers. All incoming e-mails are scanned by the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum to filter out unwanted spam-mail. Suspicious e-mails are marked. You can adjust the settings of your mailbox to either send these e-mails to a subfolder or delete them instantly. To avoid computer virii, all e-mails are also scanned for virus infection. In case of an infection, the e-mail is deleted and you and the sender are notified.

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