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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

Your User ID

In order to use the portal and your e-mail account, you need a user ID. For the first login, the 16-digit initial ID (MWNID) and a temporary password can be found on the “Studiennachweis” (student card). Employees of the TU receive these by letter. To use the portal, employees and their MWNID also have to be registered in UnivIS. If this is not the case, please consult your UnivIS advisor.

After the first login the initial ID and password must be changed. The new username is also your e-mail address and consists of two parts: A name (free choice) and the domain (mytum.de). Employees can also register an e-mail address in the tum.de domain. It is recommended to choose this address on the first login together with the mytum.de address. It is also possible to change both addresses independently later on, further information below.

The name part of the username is your free choice. Nevertheless you are limited to lower case letters and cannot use umlauts, spaces and other marks. If for example the student Alexander Schmidt chooses alexander.schmidt as his name, his username and e-mail adress would be alexander.schmidt@mytum.de. Of course he could also choose abreviations like a.schmidt, alex.schmidt or alex. If the name is already taken or not allowed, you get a corresponding message and are asked to choose an alternative name. After the Exmatrikulation you get to keep your e-mail address as a lifelong forwarding address. You can also still log into the portal to look up alumni related informations and news and post on the message boards.

Employees of the TU Munich have the option to register an additional username in the tum.de domain. The name can be choosen independently. If an employee leaves the university, the tum.de username and the corresponding e-mail address are closed. The mytum.de address remains and is switched from “employee” to “alumni”, allowing lifelong e-mail forwarding and access to the portal as an alumni.

As soon as the new username is set, you can use it use it for your next login. Employees with mytum.de and tum.de usernames can use both to log in.

The username should be selected carefully, as it cannot be changed easily. Therefore you should use an appropriate name and avoid names which implicate institutions or companies. Also don't choose names which could damage the reputation of the TUM. Inappropriate usernames can lead to an unannounced closing of your account.

Changes of usernames and the associated e-mail address are possible only once in three months. After changing your username, your old username and e-mail stays active for three months. You can use both your new and your old username to log in and access e-mails. After three months the old account is closed. E-mails addressed to the old address will not be forwarded to the new account.

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