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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

Hans Pongratz

Senior Vice President for IT-Systems and Services (CIO)

1978 born in Munich, Germany
1998 Abitur at Luitpold-Gymnasium, Munich
1999-2004 Diploma in computer sciences (major) and economics (minor) at Technische Universität München
1999-2003 several positions within the student representative body of TUM, e.g. head of student council
1996-2001 several programming & consulting jobs, e.g. at FOCUS online, Hewlett-Packard
Since 2002 freelancer, carrying out several IT-projects
2004/2005 Internship at Siemens Corporate Research (SCR), Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Since 2005 scientific assistant at Technische Universität München
2005-2007 Project elecTUM (Integrated E-Learning at TUM, s. www.tum.de/electum)
2007-2009 Projectmanagement of the large-scale project IntegraTUM (building and design of a universal IT infrastructure at TUM, s. www.tum.de/integratum)
2008-2009 in addition head of sub-project integration within the project CM@TUM (introduction of a new Campus Management System, s. www.tum.de/iuk/cm), temporarily provisional sub-project leader course-, module- and room-management
Since 2010 Overall responsibility Campus Management TUM
Since 2010 Head of unit Campus-Management-Team (prior ZA7 / unit 73)
2008-2011 Vice speaker of convention of scientific assistants at TUM
2010-2011 Scientific assistant representative in TUM senat and TUM supervisory board
Since 2011 Senior Vice President for IT-Systems and Services (CIO) at Technische Universität München


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