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Transportation Systems

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Description of course of studies

The transportation system is a very important part of any modern economy and core element of daily human life. Our society and economy are challenged with new defiances like the concept of sustainable development. These new challenges also require new planning and management strategies in the area of transportation planning. There are experts needed who know how to design a road, a traffic light and create public transport network, etc., but they must be also familiar with the concepts of transportation demand management, integrated land use and traffic management, frieght logistic concepts and intermodal traffic management. Tasks like providing optimal transportation conditions for people and economy and enhance a living quality of urban areas can only be met successfully in long term if the transportation system is considered as a part of a complex system. Therefore, the interactions between transport, economy, land use and natural environment must be included into the transportation planning strategies.

The Master of Science Programme in Transportation Systems (TS) of Technische Universität München (TUM) will provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with this situation. Students will learn to design and operate modern transportation systems and integrated inter-modal transport management systems – and will be prepared to work in dynamically growing market of transport and mobility.

The Master programme consists of 4 semesters and takes 24 months overall. It is based on lectures combined with exercises. The exercises are based as much as possible on real life studies. The lectures and the exercises will provide students with a deep theoretical understanding of the transportation system.

The programme includes a project seminar. The project seminar provides the opportunity to explore scientific investigations and practical solutions in an experimental environment. In an international and interdisciplinary group, the participants will be asked to work out a survey concept and realize a field work as well as to analyse and discuss their findings with lecturers/research staff.

An internship of 150 hours in transportation related industry or authority together with a 4-month master’s thesis complete the programme.

Brief programme overview:

Full time programme running over 24 months with:
    º   3 semester of course works (including a project seminar)
    º   150 hours internship in transportation related industry or authority
    º   4 months Master’s thesis

All modules are conducted in English

Curriculum Overview
Compulsory modules (in semester 1 and 2):
 1. Economic, Social and Environmental Aspects of the Transportation System
 2. Natural Science Essentials
 3. Legal and Decision Making Aspects
 4. Fundamentals of Transportation Theory
 5. Spatial Planning
 6. Design of Transportation Systems
 7. Basics of Traffic Control and Management
 8. Soft-Skills
 9. Actual Topics

Electives (in semester 3):
At least one of the three following modules must be selected by the students:
 10.1 Design of transportation networks
 10.2 Intelligent Transportation Systems and Transportation Modelling and Simulation
 10.3 Transportation Demand Management

Compulsory modules (in semester 3 and 4):
 11. Project Seminar (in semester 3)
 12. Internship (in semester 4)
 13. Master’s thesis (in semester 4)

Curriculum (link)


Major fields of study

Please refer to the above course description.

Guide to study (Link)


Course of studies

Transportation Systems



Mandatory 8 weeks Internship in an transportation related industry or authority

Application and admission



Application period for winter semester: 01.01. - 31.05.
Our online application portal will create a checklist with documents you have to hand in. The checklist shows which documents you need for admission and which for enrollment.

You must submit the signed application form and all documents you need for admission before 31.05.

You must submit all documents you need for enrollment before 15.09. . If individual documents for enrollment are not available at that date, you can hand them in up to five weeks after the start of the lecture period. However, we recommend that you submit all required documents well before the semester begins, as you will not be enrolled until all documents have been received.

Please check your TUMonline account regularly to see if we have any questions concerning your documents or if you have to amend one or more documents.

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Online after verification of application documents

Application documents

CV with details of previous study (which institutions of higher education attended, examinations passed, etc.), proof of university degree, certified translation of the above document (if not in English), TOEFL results if university course was not conducted in English, a passport-size photo, passport or identity card.

Application documents (International students)

CV with details of previous study (which institutions of higher education attended, examinations passed, etc.), proof of university degree, certified translation of the above document (if not in English), TOEFL results if university course was not conducted in English, a passport-size photo, passport or identity card.

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