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Technology Management (Elite graduate program)


Akademischer Grad

Honours Degree

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Kurzbeschreibung des Studiengangs

The graduate program Technology Management prepares highly talented students for future leadership positions in society and industry in the field of high-technology management. Theoretical and methodological knowledge, soft skills, hands-on experience in trend research, product development, marketing, and entrepreneurship is imparted in English language.

Each semester up to 20 students, mainly of Business Administration, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, get enrolled. During the program students are involved in project- and team-based lectures, seminars, and workshops which reflect the latest business and technology topics of practical relevancy.

Courses are supported by renowned business partners of high-technology and consulting sectors. Excellent education is achieved by the integration of relevant external academic and professional guest lecturers, intense coaching, strong networking, lived interdisciplinarity and highly innovative course formats.

Studies abroad at prestigious partner universities in Asia, Europe, and North America, or an internship abroad is an integral part of the curriculum and emphasizes the high degree of the program’s internationality.

During the course of studies, students learn to act at the interface between high-technology and business. They learn to take the role as effective managers in a dynamic and cross-functional environment, in which technology and business-related questions overlap. On top of all this, students gain access to an active network of academics, professionals, and other highly motivated students.

Please note that CDTM does not offer a stand-alone master program. Rather you will get enrolled in a Honours Degree in Technology Management program, that you pursue in parallel to your main studies.

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Technology Management (Elite graduate program)



You need to have completed at least 10 weeks of work or internship experience (industry or university level related)

Bewerbung und Zulassung


You must be registered as a student for a Diploma-, Bachelor- or Master-level studies program at a Bavarian university, Fachhochschulen (= universities of applied sciences) do not qualify. Most of the CDTM students come from the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Business Administration. Students of other majors are also welcome to apply. You should have completed (or are this term completing) your undergraduate studies (e.g. Vordiplom) and your Abitur (Abitur, A-Level, International Baccalaureate or High School equivalent etc) with above-average results. If you’re in a Bachelor program (and don’t get a Vordiplom) you need to be at least in your 3rd semester when applying for Technology Management.

Application: http://www.cdtm.de/education/admissions/
(Please apply only via the online application tool at http://www.cdtm.de/education/admissions/; written applications will only be accepted with justification!)

Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren/ Eignungsverfahren



First phase takes place during semester break. Intakes in March and August.


May 30 for Intake in August, November 30 for Intake in March


2-3 weeks after end of interview phase

Bewerbungsunterlagen (Bildungsinländer)

general qualification for university entrance, intermediate examination and/or first degree certificate, CV, Letter of Motivation, photo, proof of english language proficiency.
See application documents

Bewerbungsunterlagen (Bildungsausländer)

general qualification for university entrance, intermediate examination and/or first degree certificate, CV, Letter of Motivation, photo, proof of english language proficiency.
See application documents

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