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Land Management and Land Tenure (Executive)

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Land is a very valuable and scarce resource. People need land to grow food, to build cities, for investments as well as for housing. Therefore, access to land, rights over land, the management and administration of land and the settling of land conflicts are very important for human kind. Many international conventions and declarations underline the importance of land rights and land management to achieve sustainable rural and urban development. The Master's Programme "Land Management and Land Tenure" provides the necessary theoretical and practical background for future experts in this field. Courses include topics such as Land Policy, Land Tenure Systems, Rural and Urban Development, Land Management, Land Administration, Cadastre, Land Use Planning, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Environmental Risk Management, Land Economy and Land Conflict Management. In addition, courses on Project Management, Research Skills, Presentation, Mediation, and intercultural communication are offered. Mid-career students from all over the world are taking part in the programme.

A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (in accordance with TUM’s international academic requirements), at least two years of practical experience in a field related to land management, TOEFL – minimum score: Paper Based: 550, Computer Based: 230 or equivalent test results which proof sufficient knowledge of the English language. Tuition Fees - Euro 4.000 (for the entire programme).

Curriculum (link)


Course of studies

Land Management and Land Tenure (Executive)



The four week internship - taking place between the first and second semester - provides students with the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge within the frame of the work of public and private institutions dealing with land management in Germany or abroad. Students are therefore acquainted with procedures and processes carried out by institutions dealing with land management. Also, they get the opportunity to get practical experience in the field of their current studies. Students are encouraged to carry out their internship in an internationally engaged organisation.

After their internship, participants are given the opportunity to discuss issues and open questions they have come across through the internship report. They are invited to reflect on the possibilities and limits of transferring procedures to other countries, especially their own.

Internship´s office (Link)


Application and admission



Application period for winter semester: 01.01. - 31.05.
Our online application portal TUMonline will create a checklist with documents you have to hand in. The checklist shows which documents you need for admission and for enrollment.

You must submit the signed application form and all documents you need for admission before the application deadline, i.e. before 31.05. If individual documents for admission are not available up to that date, you can hand them in until 15.08.

You must submit all documents you need for enrollment before 15.09. If individual documents for enrollment are not available at that date, you can hand them in up to five weeks after the start of the lecture period. However, we recommend that you submit all required documents well before the semester begins, as you will not be enrolled until all documents have been received.

Please check your TUMonline account regularly to see if we have any queries to your documents or if you have to amend one or more documents.

Aptitude assessment


Start of course

Winter semester

Application Period

01.01.- 31.05.

Admission notification

Online after verification of application documents

Application documents

Bachelor's degree, two years of practical experience, Certificate of English Language test (TOEFL or equivalent.
Attention! You get an exact listing of the required documents after completing the online application as a document checklist.

Application documents (International students)

Bachelor's degree (in accordance with TUM’s international academic requirements), two years of practical experience, Certificate of English Language test (TOEFL or equivalent).
Attention! You get an exact listing of the required documents after completing the online application as a document checklist.

Application form/ Online application (Link)


Further information on admission procedure (link)


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Academic counseling

Dr. Pamela Durán Díaz

General student counseling (Link)




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Examination and academic issues will be handled by the secretary of examination board.

Examination Board (link)


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