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Philosophy of Science and Technology

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The research topics and technologies that will be relevant in the future will transcend classical disciplines and faculties (“cross-over”). Thus, interdisciplinary skills are necessary in order to recognize new trends in research and development early on as well as to evaluate objectives. On the one hand, an understanding of science and technology should be communicated to society, on the other hand, researchers should become acquainted with social and cultural contexts. Also, interdisciplinary cooperations require thinking and acting beyond specialist knowledge and skills.

Since antiquity, philosophy has been regarded as the origin of all science. To this day, philosophy looks into the principles of our knowledge, its transdisciplinary connections, its socio-cultural conditions and ethical consequences. In the context of science and technology, philosophy can foster interdisciplinary skills, e.g. the communication of complex issues or the critical assessment of differing viewpoints.

The interdisciplinary master’s program Philosophy of Science and Technology complements the educational focus of TU München on natural and engineering sciences with a philosophical reflection of the foundations and of the ethical-societal implications of science and technology. Graduates qualify for working in the areas education, science politics, science management, publishing, media and consulting.

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Course of studies

Wissenschafts- und Technikphilosophie



During a six-week internship in the areas of science management, public relations or science communication (e. g. in a research institute, an editorial office or in scientic publishing) you will acquire valuable practical experience as well as important contacts for your network.

Application and admission



Application period for winter semester: 01.04. - 31.05.
Application period for summer semester: 01.01. – 15.01.

Our online application portal TUMonline will create a checklist with documents you have to hand in. The checklist shows which documents you need for admission and for enrollment.

You must submit the signed application form and all documents you need for admission before the application deadline, i.e. before 31.05. for winter semester and before 15.01. for summer semester. If individual documents for admission are not available up to that date, you can hand them in until 15.08 for winter semester or until 15.2. for summer semester.

You must submit all documents you need for enrollment before 15.09. for winter semester or before 15.03 for summer semester. If individual documents for enrollment are not available at that date, you can hand them in up to five weeks after the start of the lecture period. However, we recommend that you submit all required documents well before the semester begins, as you will not be enrolled until all documents have been received.

Please check your TUMonline account regularly to see if we have any queries to your documents or if you have to amend one or more documents.

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Winter term and summer term

Admission notification

Online after verification of application documents

Application documents

→ Curriculum vitae (CV) in tabular form
→ Letter of motivation
→ Transcript of Records (140 Credits)
Application for summer semester: recognition of academic credits by TUM School of Education (at least 20 credits, which allow for a classification in a higher semester).
Attention! You´ll get a check list of all required papers after filling the online-application

Application form/ Online application (Link)


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Examination and academic issues will be handled by the secretary of examination board.

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