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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning

Course of studies



Duration of study (semesters)





Weihenstephan, München

Description of course of studies

The bachelor degree in the programme „Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning" provides its graduates with a sound scientific basis and - depending on the chosen area of specialization - with the necessary capabilities in technological, design- or planning oriented approaches. Graduates are expected to take over responsibility in the professional fields of landscape architecture, environmental planning, nature conservation and protection as well as in various branches of economy. For those graduates who wish to deepen their scientific knowledge and experience and plan to continue with an academic career, numerous master courses in related fields are open in Germany and all over the world as well as at TUM itself (Master Landscape Architecture, Master Landscape Planing, Ecology and Conservation, Master Environmental Planning and Ecological Engineering or Master Urbanism, Landscape and City). The bachelor programme is situated at the Center of Life and Food Sciences Weihenstephan in Freising. However, due to its interdisciplinary character it contains courses, seminars and projects in the faculties for architecture (especially for those specializing in landscape architecture) and for civil engineering. Study projects are the programmes` focal point and take over about a third of the students overall time effort during the second and third year of study. Projects are usually being worked on in teams of three or four students; with the help of the advisors, scientific background, theories and methods of various scientific disciplines is applied on specific case-related study projects. The projects and design projects usually come from recent practical work or out of current scientific developments; therefore the unity of scientific work and education in this study course is unique. The students get to know scientific principles and team work while working on complex themes in a given time span. This enables students to solve difficult and new problems in their future careers. The global academic and professional environment of the study course is met on a one term abroad stay, e.g. in one of the several partner Universities abroad or during a foreign internship.

Structure of Studies
Based on the two terms of orientation courses of the respective specialization will be visited in the following terms. The 5th term you'll spend at a university abroad or in an internship outside of Germany. In the 8th term you'll deal with your Bachelor's Thesis.

Curriculum (link)


Major fields of study

Students can choose from among the following major subjects: Landscape Architecture, Landscape Ecology/Landscape Planning.

Guide to study (Link)




Internships are not required. In the 5th term a stay abroad is provided. This can be served as a practical training, at a university or as a stay abroad for research.

Internship´s office (Link)


Application and admission



Application period for winter semester: 15.05. - 15.07.
Application period for summer semester: 15.11. - 15.01.
An application for the summer semester is only possible for higher upper-division semesters.

Our online application portal TUMonline will create a checklist with the documents you have to hand in. The checklist shows which documents you need for admission and which for enrollment.
You must submit the signed application form and all documents you need for admission before the application deadline.
You must submit all documents you need for enrollment before 15.09. for winter semester and before 15.03. for summer semester. If individual documents for enrollment are not available at that date, you can hand them in up to five weeks after the start of the lecture period. However, we recommend that you submit all required documents well before the semester begins, as you will not be enrolled until all documents have been received.

Please check your TUMonline account regularly to see if we have any questions concerning your documents or if you have to amend one or more documents.

Aptitude assessment


Start of course

winter semester

Application Period

Winter semester: May 15 - July 15
Summer semester: Nov. 15 - Jan. 15 for higher semester only

Admission notification

Online after verification of application documents

Application documents

Higher education entrance qualification (certified copy), identification card (copy), curriculum vitae (CV) in tabular form, passport size photo, letter of motivation, portofolio, confirmations of apprenticeships, internships or other qualifications where appropriate
Attention!: A complete list of all required documents is given at the end of the online application procedure.

Application documents (International students)

Preliminary inspection documentation, higher education entrance qualification (certified copy), identification card (copy), curriculum vitae (CV) in tabular form, passport size photo, letter of motivation, portofolio, proof of German language proficiency (certified copy), confirmations of apprenticeships, internships or other qualifications where appropriate
Attention!: A complete list of all required documents is given at the end of the online application procedure.

Application form/ Online application (Link)


Further information on admission procedure (link)


Information | Counselling

Academic counseling

Andreas René Dittrich

General student counseling (Link)




Study and examination regulations

Examination regulations (Link)


Examination information

Examinations normally take place right after the lecture time. The recognition of studies and examinations for applicants in higher terms takes place at request to the Audit Committee in the context of a single test. More information are provided here:info_landschaft@wzw.tum.de

Further links

Website of course of studies (link)


Department website


Student´s representatives (link)


Gender Equality Officer


Study abroad program coordinator


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