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Forestry and Wood Science

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Description of course of studies

One of the most fascinating ecosystems on Earth – the forest – is the focal point of our studies. As a renewable natural resource, wood has a future. But that is by no means all.

We set ourselves new challenges. The development of dependable concepts for using this basis for life and for handling natural resources is one of the most important tasks of the present and future. It requires deep understanding of the interaction of the environment, man and technology. Always keeping in mind the interrelationships between things, and planning over generations play a decisive role for us. This is what is needed – not just in forestry. Thus the all-round nature of our course of studies opens a wide range of professions for anyone taking it.

The MSc course in Forest and Wood Science of the TUM School of Forestry and Resource Management is a very flexible, international oriented study program providing not only the scientific state of art but also bridging the gap between science and practical implementation. Forest ecosystems are locations of biodiversity, habitats for plants and animals and invaluable resources of various goods for the livelihood of people. Wood is one of the most important regenerating raw materials on earth. The Master of Forestry and Wood Science conciliates the capacity of political society, economy, technical production and raw materials orientation to define and analyse the relation of natural scientific to its environmental resources. The study delivers the tools in dealing sustainable and effective solutions to cope up the variable demands of forests. Not surprisingly, participants of this program have a view in the verge of domestic and insight of the global context of Forestry and Wood Science. Within the 4-semester study an (at least) two-month internship is part of the program. Thus, our graduates have the chances both in domestic and international careers, in industry, research institutions, public administration and foundations. The high flexibility choice in attending the teaching events enables the individual’s accomplishment of the master program and opens the possibility to respond through the combination of specialized study aspects towards the needs of the future job market. Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Production/ Engineering Sciences and Wood Sciences are the 4 pillars of this study. International Forestry, Mountain Forestry and Forest Management as well as Timber Industry are just few of the offered specializations.

Curriculum (link)


Major fields of study

Timber- Raw Material and Wood Based Products, Mountain Forestry, Forest Management, International Forestry, Forest Ecosystems, Landscape Development and Nature Conservation

Guide to study (Link)


Course of studies

Forestry and Wood Science



A 2-month practical training taken here or abroad is required for the Master's Degree study course.

Internship (Link)


Internship´s office (Link)


Application and admission



Application period for winter semester: 01.01. - 31.05.
Our online application portal TUMonline will create a checklist with documents you have to hand in. The checklist shows which documents you need for admission and for enrollment.

You must submit the signed application form and all documents you need for admission before the application deadline, i.e. before 31.05. If individual documents for admission are not available up to that date, you can hand them in until 15.08.

You must submit all documents you need for enrollment before 15.09. If individual documents for enrollment are not available at that date, you can hand them in up to five weeks after the start of the lecture period. However, we recommend that you submit all required documents well before the semester begins, as you will not be enrolled until all documents have been received.

Please check your TUMonline account regularly to see if we have any queries to your documents or if you have to amend one or more documents.

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Start of course

Winter semester

Application Period

Winter semester: 01.01. - 31.05

Admission notification

Online after verification of application documents

Application documents

Transcript of records of bachelor’s degree or equivalent (officially authenticated copy), curriculum vitae, motivational letter
Attention! You will get a checklist of the required documents after completing the online application.

Application documents (International students)

Transcript of records of bachelor’s degree or equivalent (officially authenticated copy), curriculum vitae, motivational letter, recommendation letter, proof of german language proficiency
Attention! You will get a checklist of the required documents after completing the online application.

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Examination and academic issues will be handled by the secretary of examination board.

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