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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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International Courses

The Technical University of Munich offers an array of courses of studies whose lectures are held partly or completely in English language.

Courses in English

Master's degrees completely taught in English. Proof of German language proficiency is not required:

Aerospace Engineering (TUM Asia) (Master)
Biomedical Computing (BMC) (Master)
Cartography (Master)
ClimaDesign (Master)
Communications Engineering (Master)
Computational Mechanics (with Elite graduate program) (Master)
Computational Science and Engineering (with Elite graduate program) (Master)
Consumer Affairs (Master)
Data Engineering and Analytics (Master)
Diagnostics and Training (Master)
Environmental Engineering (Master)
ESPACE-Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology (Master)
Green Electronics (TUM Asia) (Master)
Health Science – Prevention and Health Promotion (Master)
Horticultural Science (Master)
Industrial Chemistry (TUM Asia) (Master)
Informatics (Master)
Informatik: Games Engineering (Master)
Integrated Circuit Design (TUM Asia) (Master)
Intellectual Property and Competition Law (Executive) (Master)
Land Management and Land Tenure (Executive) (Master)
Life Science Economics and Policy (Master)
Management (Master)
Mathematics in Data Science (Master)
MBA (Executive) - field of study: Business & IT (Master)
MBA (Executive) - field of study: Innovation and Business Creation (Master)
MBA (Executive) – field of study: General Management (Master)
Medical Life Science and Technology (PhD program) (PhD)
Neuroengineering (with Elite graduate program) (Master)
Nutrition and Biomedicine (Master)
Physics (Applied and Engineering Physics) (Master)
Power Engineering (Master)
Radiation Biology (Master)
Research on Teaching and Learning (Master)
Science and Technology Studies (Master)
Sustainable Resource Management (Master)
Technology Management (Elite graduate program) (Honours Degree)
Transport and Logistics (TUM Asia) (Master)
Transportation Systems (Master)

Courses in English and German

Courses of studies into which lectures are held in German or English (dependent on the professor or lecturer!). Proof of both German and English language proficiencies are necessary in some of these courses of studies. For details, please refer to the application document information found in each study course.

Agricultural Sciences (Master)
Agrimanagement (Master)
Automotive Software Engineering (Master)
Bioinformatics (a joint study course offered by TUM and LMU) (Master)
Bioinformatik (Bachelor)
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Master)
Engineering Science (Bachelor)
Finance & Information Management - FIM (Elite Graduate Program) (Master)
Geodesy and Geoinformation (Master)
Health Science (Bachelor)
Industrial Biotechnology (Master)
Informatics (Certificate) (Sonstige)
Information Systems (Bachelor)
Information Systems (Master)
Land Management (Partial degree) (Sonstige)
Landscape Architecture (Master)
Management (TUM-WIN) (Master)
Management (TUM-NAWI) (Master)
Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) (Master)
Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) (Bachelor)
Management and Technology (TUM-WITEC) (Master)
Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science (Master)
Mathematics (Master)
Mathematics in Bioscience (Master)
Mathematics in Operations Research (OR) (Master)
Mathematics in Science and Engineering (Master)
Nanoscience and Catalysis (Master)
Nuclear Technology (Master)
Restoration, Art Technology and Conservation Science (Master)
Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence (Master)
Software Engineering (Elite graduate program) (Master)
Sport Sciences (Bachelor)

Double degree programme

This programme offers qualified students the possibility to obtain both the German diploma (“Dipl.-Ing. Univ.”) and its corresponding foreign degree (further information on double degree programme).

List of faculties offering double degree programmes:

contact: studienberatung@zv.tum.de

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