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Selection method

At TUM aptitude tests are conducted for the majority of study programs. Several criteria are used in the selection of students e.g. different grades of the school leaving certificate (for Bachelor courses) or grade point average of the Bachelor degree (for Master courses), letter of motivation and in some cases practical trainings. Face-to-face or phone interviews are often necessary with the admissions committee of the faculty. By using a two-tiered procedure TUM tries to determine whether the applicant is interested in the specific program and whether the applicant is suitable for it. Aptitude tests are presently conducted for the following courses of study:

Advanced Construction and Building Technology (Master)
Advanced Materials Science (Elite graduate program) (Master)
Aerospace Engineering (Master)
Aerospace Engineering (TUM Asia) (Master)
Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences (Bachelor)
Agricultural Sciences (Master)
Agrimanagement (Master)
Architecture (Bachelor)
Architecture (Master)
Automotive and Combustion Engine Technology (Master)
Automotive Software Engineering (Master)
Biochemistry (Bachelor)
Biochemistry (Master)
Bioinformatics (a joint study course offered by TUM and LMU) (Master)
Bioinformatik (Bachelor)
Biology (Master)
Biology (Bachelor)
Biomedical Computing (BMC) (Master)
Brewing and Beverage Technology (Master)
Cartography (Master)
Chemical Engineering (Master)
Chemical Engineering (Bachelor)
Chemistry (Bachelor)
Chemistry (Master)
Civil Engineering (Master)
ClimaDesign (Master)
Communications Engineering (Master)
Computational Mechanics (with Elite graduate program) (Master)
Computational Science and Engineering (with Elite graduate program) (Master)
Consumer Affairs (Master)
Diagnostics and Training (Master)
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Master)
Energy and Process Technology (Master)
Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building (Master)
Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (Master)
Engineering Science (Bachelor)
Environmental Engineering (Master)
Environmental Engineering (Bachelor)
Environmental Planning and Engineering Ecology (Master)
Ergonomics - Human Factors Engineering (Master)
ESPACE-Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology (Master)
Finance & Information Management - FIM (Elite Graduate Program) (Master)
Food Technology and Biotechnology (Master)
Forestry and Wood Science (Master)
Geodesy and Geoinformation (Master)
Geosciences (Bachelor)
Horticultural Management (Master)
Horticultural Science (Master)
Industrial Biotechnology (Master)
Industrial Chemistry (GIST-TUM Asia) (Master)
Industrial Design (Master)
Informatics (Bachelor)
Informatics (Master)
Informatik: Games Engineering (Bachelor)
Informatik: Games Engineering (Master)
Information Systems (Bachelor)
Information Systems (Master)
Integrated Circuit Design (GIST-TUM Asia) (Master)
Intellectual Property and Competition Law (Executive) (Master)
Land Management and Land Tenure (Executive) (Master)
Landscape Architecture (Master)
Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning (Bachelor)
Landscape Planning, Ecology and Conservation (Master)
Life Science Economics and Policy (Master)
Light and Lighting (MLL) - (Executive) (Master)
Management (TUM-WIN) (Master)
Management (TUM-NAWI) (Master)
Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) (Master)
Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) (Bachelor)
Management and Technology (TUM-WITEC) (Master)
Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science (Master)
Mathematics (Bachelor)
Mathematics (Master)
Mathematics in Bioscience (Master)
Mathematics in Operations Research (OR) (Master)
Mathematics in Science and Engineering (Master)
MBA (Executive) - field of study: Innovation and Business Creation (Master)
MBA (Executive) – field of study: General Management (Master)
Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)
Mechanical Engineering (Master)
Mechanical Engineering and Management (Master)
Mechatronics and Information Technology (Master)
Medical Life Science and Technology (PhD program) (PhD)
Medical Technology and Engineering (Master)
Microelectronics (GIST-TUM Asia) (Master)
Molecular Biotechnology (Bachelor)
Molecular Biotechnology (Master)
Movement and Health in Human Development (Master)
Nanoscience and Catalysis (Master)
Nuclear Technology (Master)
Nutrition and Biomedicine (Master)
Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering (Master)
Philosophy of Science and Technology (Master)
Physics (Applied and Engineering Physics) (Master)
Physics (Biophysics) (Master)
Physics (Condensed Matter Physics) (Master)
Physics (Nuclear, Particle and Astrophysics) (Master)
Power Engineering (Master)
Product Development and Design (Master)
Production and Logistics (Master)
Renewable Resources (Master)
Renewable Resources (Bachelor)
Research on Teaching and Learning (Master)
Restoration, Art Technology and Conservation Science (Master)
Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence (Master)
Science and Technology in Technologized Societies (STTS) (Master)
Software Engineering (Elite graduate program) (Master)
Sport Sciences (Bachelor)
Sustainable Resource Management (Master)
Teaching at Academic Secondary Schools - Scientific Education (Part 1) (Bachelor)
Teaching at Academic Secondary Schools - Scientific Education (Part 2 - Master) (Master)
Teaching at Vocational Schools - Vocational Education Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Part 2 ) (Master)
Teaching at Vocational Schools - Vocational Education Health and Health Care Science (Part 2 ) (Master)
Teaching at Vocational Schools - Vocational Education Metal Engineering (Part 2 ) (Master)
Teaching at Vocational Schools - Vocational Education Nutrition and Home Economics (Part 2 ) (Master)
Teaching at Vocational Schools - Vocational Education Structural Engineering (Part 2 ) (Master)
Technology Management (Elite graduate program) (Honours Degree)
TopMath- Mathematics with Integrated Doctorate Program (Elite graduate program) (Promotion)
Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin (TCM), weiterbildender Masterstudiengang, Teilzeit (Master)
Transport and Logistics (TUM Asia) (Master)
Transportation Systems (Master)
Urbanism - Urban and Landscape Studies and Design (Master)

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