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TUMONLINE is a campus management system which integrates and networks all study-related processes at TU München. In this way, the student lifecycle from application to alumni membership is supported and accompanied by a single IT system. TUMonline therefore replaces numerous systems which previously existed alongside each other.

The control and coordination of the introduction process of TUMonline is the task of the project CM@TUM.

System concept

The system is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • a highly flexible tool to reflect hierarchical organizational structures
  • a sophisticated system of role and rights management
  • a modular and entirely web-based architecture

This combination allows every member of TU München to be provided with precisely the functions and data views on an individual desktop which that person requires or may have access to. The system concept is designed so that all functions outside the areas of financial accounting, personnel management, data warehouse and library are realized within TUMonline.

Features and functions

TUMonline fits very well into the landscape of information systems at TU München in functional terms. The software shows a high level of orientation towards students and lecturers and provides an impressively simple and clear structure, flexibility and intuitive usability. All data relevant to the administration of teaching and research is stored in a central database and is therefore available for all retrieval and processing purposes “online” – i.e. generated from the database on a current basis.

The core functions of TUMonline include the following:

  • online application process
  • student administration
  • examination administration
  • management of modules, courses and seminars
  • identity management

TUMonline offers university members numerous benefits:

  • Lecturers can conveniently administer their own course offerings, reserve rooms and lecture halls and communicate easily with course members and examination candidates.
  • Students can find all the services and information they need for their studies at a glance, sign up for seminars, lectures and examinations and are informed of date and room changes automatically by e-mail.
  • Administrative staff have access to current, consistent student data, facilitating their day-to-day working processes and accelerating administrative procedures.
  • TUMonline also offers discussion course-specific discussion forums and supports web-based surveys and evaluations.

contact: projektbuero@cm.tum.de

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