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The records “Personalakten.Studierende” are until further notice for conservational reasons not available for external and internal visitors and inquiries.


The Historic Archives of the Technische Universität München (HATUM) was established in 1997. As a public archives it collects documents of lasting value on the history of the TUM generated by the university's scientific and administrative practice. Holdings covering the period from 1845 to 1996, currently comprise about 1500 linear meters. They include:

* Doctorate Archives: files pertaining to doctoral degrees and honorary doctorates awarded since 1900;
* Rector's Archives: non-personal files from the former Rector's Office and University Administration (1880-1960);
* Personal files: professors (1845-1991), students (1880-1990);
* Bequests of former professors;
* Picture Archives: containing photographs such as portraits of professors, honorary doctors and senators, students (approx. 1880 to 1991), photographic images of artefacts and buildings as well as other pictorial and audio-visual sources.

The TUM Historic Archives keeps records of correspondence, individual documents, bequests, diaries, photos, albums, etc. from the faculties, departments, the administration and other University institutions and from private persons closely connected to the university. Archives Management will be pleased to provide any assistance required in connection with perusing bequests. 

The TUM Historic Archives is an independent administrative department Press & Communications of the University. It is a member of the Working committee of Bavarian University Archives (Arbeitskreis Bayerischer Universitätsarchive) and cooperates with the Munich Centre for the History of Science and Technology (Münchner Zentrum für Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte).

contact: historisches.archiv@zv.tum.de

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