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Peter Wilderer

Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. Drs.h.c.

Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying
Former Chair of Water Quality and Waste Technology
Born 08.03.1939

Scientific work

Peter Wilderer is one of the leading experts on hydraulic management in Germany. The first German academic to win the Stockholm Water Prize in 2003, he has been awarded countless other honours both within Germany and around the world. The scope of his research reaches from innovative methods of water acquisition and waste water recycling through the ecology of microbial systems to the reclamation of useful material in waste water and other waste products. He was one of the first to recognise the importance of recycling reusable water as a method of containing drought in rapidly growing, large urban areas as well as in the countryside. His plea to develop and implement a decentralised solution elicited an international echo. He is a teacher and researcher knows how to combine science and knowledge with social commitment. Peter Wilderer approached the public, politics, government and the industry in order to demonstrate how grounded research results and appropriate technologies can lead to sustainable water management. Since 2002, he has been the director of the Institute of Advanced Studies on Sustainability in the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. On a European level, he is involved with the research project Technology Enabled Universal Access to Safe Water (TECHNEAU). He has been a member of the board of trustees at the Institute for Advanced Study at the Technische Universität München since 2006.

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Memberships and honors
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contact: schropp@zv.tum.de