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FAQ 'E-Mail'

What is Exchange?

Exchange Server a eMail and groupware system produced by Microsoft.

Exchange is a eMail and groupware server, this means it offers not only eMail functionality but also personal and shared calenders, address-books and the possibility to define and use groups of users. Every user of exchange can grant finely differentiated access to his ressources (eg. (parts of) mails, calender, etc). This allows completly new forms of cooperation. For example one user can allow another to answer mails in her/his name or to take care of her/his appointments.

A especially useful feature is the publishing of free/busy informations in the calendar of Exchange. Thus it is easy to coordinate an appointment with other colleagues. The publishing of free/busy information is activated by default, but can be deactivated by the user himself.

Exchange Server can be accessed from everywhere – not only from the Munich Campus Net (MWN) – from PCs as well as from mobile devices as Smartphones.

To use the full functionality of Exchange only clients from Microsoft can be used. They are Outlook for Windows computers, Entourage for Mac and Internet Explorer for web access. There can be slight differences in the usage and function set of the different clients, but in the end they all support the full range of groupware features.

Using browser progamms other then Internet Explorer offers somewhat reduced functionality.

If you use Exchange Server together with an IMAP eMail Client as Thunderbird, Exchange can be used as any other Mail Server. The groupware functionality is then not accessible.

Every student, employee and guest of TUM can use Exchange: See here how to activate and use your Exchange Account.