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Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich


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Research dossier robotics

In the future, robots will more and more become part of our daily life - this is a major research topic of several disciplines. But our daily life is a great task for robots: they have to find their way in an unknown environment and to learn und react appropriately.

Munich Researchers Compete for 1 Billion Euro Budget

The development of intelligent machines with the ability to operate autonomously and to interact closely with humans is the goal of a Europe-wide robotic research project which is being supported by the European Union with €1.5 million.

European partnership funds research toward robot aides for the elderly

The research project, known as ALIAS, places special emphasis on maintaining social networks, warding off feelings of loneliness and isolation, and increasing activities that may protect and enhance cognitive capabilities.

New senses for autonomous robots

The underwater robot "Snookie" can orient itself in murky waters with an artificial sensory organ inspired by the so-called lateral-line system, found in fish and some amphibians. In the future, researchers expect such capabilities to enable underwater robots to work autonomously.

Robotics insights through flies' eyes

To understand how a fly's tiny brain processes visual information efficiently enough to guide its aerobatic feats – and ultimately to build more capable robots – researchers in Munich have set up a flight simulator for flies.


The Cognitive Factory

You're invited inside a project designed to help manufacturers imagine, shape, and realize the factory of the future - a smart, flexible system of systems in which products can guide their own assembly and robots can be effective partners with human workers.

Machines with a “brain”

The goal of excellence cluster CoTeSys is to develop service robots - technical systems with cognitive capabilities. They can recognise their environment, learn and react flexibly to new situations.

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